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The Women's Fast-Pitch Softball Association is proud to offer its inaugural season in 2010.  The WFSA is a division of the National Adult Baseball Association, one of the fastest growing adult baseball organizations in the country.


The WFSA provides all the information needed to become a player, manager, coach, sponsor or fan of the league. The WFSA web site is your source for association news, league and tournament information, important contact numbers for WFSA National Staff, and more.

The WFSA is organized nationally into groups categorized by age. The largest division of play is the Open Division (18 & Over). The WFSA also will feature 25 & Over, 35 & Over, and 45 & Over divisions.

Where participation levels permit, leagues are divided into two or more competitive divisions. These divisions are then classified by experience level.

The advanced level (AAA) typically is for players who have 3-4 years of college and/or higher level experience. The intermediate level (AA) is generally for the players with high school or some college experience. The recreational level (A) is generally for the players with high experience or some experience in high school.  Additionally, the rookie level (R) provides an opportunity for players whose love of the game perhaps exceeds their level of experience. 

This divisional structure provides a level field for each player - regardless of experience and ability level. The WFSA seeks to foster a competitive environment that is challenging and fun for all involved.






President & CEO

Shane Fugita



Vice President Operations/League Development

AJ Fugita